Kiwanis Youth Camp 2022 à Zuoz, Engadine

Le Kiwanis Youth Camp 2022 avait lieu du 24. au 30. Juillet 2022. Le KC St.Moritz Oberengadin s’engageait comme club d’hôte.

25 jeunes gens d’Allemagne, d’Italie, de la Roumanie et de la Suisse passerait une semaine remplie. Chaque jour avait un thème fédérateur qui se roulait comme une file rouge en workshops, excursions, visites et discussions.

  • Local, national, international
  • Natural and man-made Engineering
  • Crisis and Resilience
  • Preserving
  • Climate Change and Friday for Future

Les paroles de Dora-Alexandra Iatan, Roumanie:


Diversity, equality, inclusion. These are the key words that dominated our entire camp, the values we learned and carried back to our country. Three words coming to life through us, flesh and bones, action and feelings. Solid principles born from liquid emotion, materialized in projects, ideas, in decisions… However, if I had to choose one word to sum up the entire camp, I would rather opt for a slightly more abstract, larger term… for « opportunity ». Kiwanis Youth Camp was my opportunity for cultural exchange, improving English and applying leadership concepts. It was my opportunity to meet new perspectives and human mentalities. Germans, Italians, Romanians, Swiss, we are all

different, all the same. I can’t forget our discussions about green energy, education, war, life and death, our common desire to do good. Those words were lost in the murmur of the rivers, buried in the depths of a lake, for eternity hidden in the little chambers of our hearts. I think I just can’t forget my friends. Also unforgettable are the secrets of a successful business. Every day we visited some Swiss companies, both local and international, learning about their strengths and weaknesses, about organization and uniqueness. But the cultural exchange overshadowed everything. Dances, songs, traditional food, each of us proud of his own nationality, each curious to discover a new one. Diversity, equality, inclusion, these are the words I have to say!»

L’organisation du Kiwanis Youth Camp était possible grace des subsides généraux de la Fondation Kiwanis, de Kiwanis Europe de la Kiwanis Childrens’ Fund et 25 Club Kiwaniens et 7 personnes privées.